Recovery Laboratories was born when Co-Founders Tyler G. Smith, a Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and longtime supplement developer Ryan Clyma began exploring ways to mitigate the effects (and side effects) of our typical Western Medicine treatments and facilitate a less impactful episode. We started by looking to the scientific research literature to answer a simple question: can natural herbs, extracts, and botanicals help the body to recover from stress, injury, and toxicity? The simple answer is a resounding YES!! In fact, there is a staggering amount of data to support the assertion that we can harness the power of plants to give our bodies what they need to assist healing and restorative balance. We began searching the marketplace for products that met three simple criteria: organic when possible, free of needless fillers and chemical preservatives, and accurately analyzed ingredients for potency and consistency. Shockingly, we were unable to find what we were seeking! We now proudly bring our own Medical Grade Supplements that reach those lofty goals.


  Surgical procedures can be very hard on our bodies. Even with today's modern techniques, recovery from an operation can be a challenge. It's well known that anesthesia often causes significant side effects, including nausea, muscle cramps, adrenal fatigue and immune suppression. These symptoms can lead to a prolonged and difficult recovery process. When Recovery Laboratories was founded, our mission was to create a comprehensive line of medical grade supplements that fortify your body's healing potential - not just from the procedure, but from the medications and their side effects as well.  

Our simple protocol will help with inflammation, detoxifying the liver, joint and tissue repair, and increase the body's natural immune response to support overall healing. Our easy to use AM/PM packets are free of any fillers or chemical preservatives. Each formula contains the highest quality natural ingredients, accurately analyzed to ensure potency and consistency. Best of luck with your procedure, Recovery Laboratories is here to help you through it! 

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